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Conquering Data Complexity – Using Smart Data Management

Over the last few years, the demand to analyse the new types of data has caused significant changes to the analytical landscape. Today many organisations need to process and analyse

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Gartner Says Self-Service Analytics and BI Users Will Produce More Analysis Than Data Scientists Will by 2019

Analysts to Discuss How to Implement Self-Service Analytics and BI at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, 19-21 March, 2018 in London, UK

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Gartner Says Samsung and Apple Extended Their Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2017

Top 10 OEMs to Account for More Than 45 Per Cent of Global Semiconductor Spending by 2021

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Finding the balance between usability and data security

A key strategy for today’s digital leader is how to provide engaging, usable interactions with customers on a variety of technology platforms while protecting the organization from data breaches and

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Accelerating Data Science Using Machine Learning Automation

For many companies, today, the demand for data and analytics is now everywhere in the enterprise. Projects are underway to improve customer engagement, reduce risk and optimize business operations. Data

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Infografica: il volume del traffico IP globale, entro il 2020

Questa infografica riassume i dati dell’Indice di Interconnessione Globale, secondo cui si prevede che la capacità di scambio di dati privati tra aziende potrebbe superare quella dell’internet pubblico, crescendo ad

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Frost&Sullivan : ecco cosa i CIO possono imparare dai CFO

White Paper gratuito a cura di Frost&Sullivan sul rapporto “ideale” tra IT leaders e CFO. L’importanza del confronto, del parlare lo stesso liguaggio in questo insight dettagliato Scarica gratuitamente “What