The new tourism in Italy: the H-Cities

We will visit cities of art in this way.“Welcome to Venice! Switch your Bluetooth on in order to receive useful information! – Palazzo Ducale is opened until 7 pm – Via xxx is closed for works.

Visiting a city of art takes time. It is necessary to gather all the information to organize the journey and the accommodation according to the period and the events calendar, museums, theaters and much more.

Finding the best moment to visit a city is really useful, for example, to avoid the most crowded time, which could be stressful with endless queues, the consequent tiredness as well as an efficient time management.

H-play and H-umus combine tourism with technology and play. The result are the H-Cities, where “H” stands for “Human”: Cities of art with a human face.

Venice is going to be the first H-City. This city will have a completely free informative system at citizens and tourist’s disposal.

The system will send automatically all the helpful information on mobiles, PDA, and every other device endowed with built in Bluetooth. The provided information will regard timetables, the availability of special events, museums, theatres, hotels, traffic, transportation, restaurants, nightclubs and much more.

This is going to improve the efficiency of the tourists and to make the city interactive. The new way of touring will be no more stressing, it will be entertaining and the time spent will be of quality.

Tourists will be able to consult an up-to-date informative system full of curiosities to pass through the most remote alleys of the town, to enjoy the legends and the charm of history and culture, to take pleasure in nightclubs and events, visiting the city both in its artistic side and its internal life.

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The information will be broadcast through words, images and short films with all the advantages of the relative immediacy.

Tourism could also be lived as a game. Through a series of questions set into the history and culture of the city, the tourist will be able to pass through the alleys, mysteries and curiosities: a treasure hunt between art and legend !